It’s not always possible to find sufficient space to have the recommended 4 x 3m room layout.


This leaves building managers with the dilemma of either having no changing place for people who need to change lying down or to design a compromise which can still achieve the objectives set out in Changing Places. Innovative products like the Swing Washbasin which can make smaller rooms work almost as well as the full sized ideal.


The room layout for Space to Change shown offers a peninsular toilet which is easily accessed when the Shower and Changing Bed is upright. The basin can be moved into the corner when access to the Shower and Changing Bed is required. An independent person could wash their hands when on the toilet but also have very easy access to the basin when more centralised. Carers would have all round access to the basin when the Bed is upright.


The room covering overhead hoist system ensures that movement around this smaller space is still easily achieved.

Space to change