Musgrove Park Hospital

Musgrove Park Hospital is a large NHS hospital located in Taunton, Somerset, England, run by Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. Originally a US Army General Hospital during the Second World War, it became an NHS hospital in 1949.

As mentioned it is not always possible to find sufficient space to have the recommended 4m x 3m room layout, this was the case at Musgrove Park Hospital. Initially there was a complaint from the parents of a child that needed regular hospital treatment but there was nowhere to change her, the nearest Changing Place was in Taunton Centre. This made Taunton NHS consider a changing area, Direct Healthcare Solutions mentioned Changing Places to them and they started to look into this.

They wanted to put a full changing places toilet in, but the only area they had that was big enough and spare was in the Paediatric ward. They obviously couldn’t have this area open to the public so 2 'space to change' rooms were created, a 2.4m x 2.4m in Out Patients Department and a 1.7m x 2.2m in the Restaurant Area of Jubilee Building, both were completed by November 2017.​


They are now looking for other parts of the hospital to find space for a Changing Place, but will more than likely have to consider it as part of any new developments or buildings due to the size required.