Centre Parcs

Center Parcs has recently completed the installation of Changing Places units at its villages across the UK; Sherwood, Elveden, Longleat and Whinfell Forest villages ensure every guest can enjoy their Center Parcs experience. KingKraft, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of assisted bathing solutions was the chosen supplier selected to work alongside the Center Parcs team on each project.


As part of the contract, KingKraft installed a changing table and hoist to help improve an existing changing room at Whinfell Forest and also upgraded a changing table within the pool area.  “We believe that every guest should be able to relax and enjoy their break and make a conscious effort to ensure that our facilities meet the needs of all families.” commented Clare Winsor, Center Parcs Project Manager.


Each Changing Places unit consists of a KingKraft mobile changing table, Guldmann GH3 room covering hoist, a Ropox basin lifter with ideal standard basin and Ropox drop down arms.  “We only supply the best quality equipment and from our experience of installing Changing Places we know this combination works well for both the user and their family or carer” commented Dale Spademan, Sales and Marketing Director, KingKraft.

The KingKraft mobile changing table in each unit is height adjustable and designed with weight bearing sides which allows the changing area to be made wider to ensure turning and rolling is stress free and all sides of the table can be easily accessed.  The height adjustment feature allows the table to be set at the correct height for the carer to eliminate the risk of straining their back when helping with changing and should the user be mobile enough to transfer themselves to the table it can be sufficiently lowered, therefore eliminating the need for hoisting. 


Should the user require hoisting, the Guldmann GH3 has a maximum lift capacity of 250KG and incorporates profiled aluminium rails for smooth movement and transfer.  The hoist is continuously on charge throughout the room so there is no risk of the charge running out and the user does not have to remember to take the hoist back to a designated charging point once they are finished.


As many users are at a different height either due to their disability or the height of their powerchair or wheelchair, each unit features a Ropox height adjustable wash basin which means all users mobile enough to wash their hands can do so. Some users also use the basin to lean on for extra support.